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        LabStae ver 3.2

        • 一台计算机可以控制多个实验笼,每个实验笼可以独立运行不同的实验程序;
        • 每个实验笼同时提供多种信号采集和控制:
        • 16路数字量输入(如压杆,鼻触,红外开关)
        • 16路数字量输出(如灯光,声音,输液泵等)
        • 2路模拟量输入(如压力传感器);2路模拟量输出
        • 2路视频输入(俯视角度分析动物的水平运动,侧视角度分析垂直运动)
        • 8路声音(wav文件或音频信号发色器)
        • 8路键盘事件
        • 触摸屏
        • 视频分析:动物实时视频运动轨迹分析,每个实验笼可以建立多个视频分区,动物进入或离开分区可以作为触发事件。
        • 灵活的实验方法编辑功能,用于绝大多数实验动物行为分析。
        • 具有完善的实验数据分级管理(按课题、实验、动物)、实验安排功能,完成整个系统的自动化运行。
        • 程序支持中英文使用界面切换。
        LabState (renamed from ANILAB ver 6.54) is a graphic state notation program designed to control devices for laboratory animal behavioral research. Its principle function is to control operant chambers. These devices include standard digital “ON/OFF” apparatus, such as:
        • digital input devices (levers, nose pokes, infrared detectors, etc.)
        • digital output devices (lights, infusion pumps, etc.)
        However, unlike most operant control systems, LabState also supports video image analysis. Animal’s moving or position signal can be used in behavioral experiments such as:
        • video tracking: locomotion activity, conditioned place preference/aversion, light/dark box, shuttle box, etc.
        • global activity: immobility analysis such as conditioned fear, forced swim test, tail suspension test, etc.
        LabState can also control analog devices, such as:
        • weight signal (food intake monitoring)
        • pressure response signal (acoustic startle reflex)
        and other devices:
        • keyboard and mouse input
        • audio output (acoustic startle reflex)
        • touchscreen input (used for CANTAB tasks)
        • graphical output on multiple computer monitors (used for CANTAB tasks)
        LabState is the underlying platform that runs some of the most popular behavioral tasks and task suites in use today. So, if you want to write your own behavioral tasks, you can do so using LabState.


        • was specifically designed to make behavioral programming simple, reliable and fast, by using a graphic user-interface;
        • timing of events such as lever presses is with accuracy of millisecond range;
        • runs up to or more than 16 boxes simultaneously, each box runs its own task independently;
        • runs on cheap, standard hardware (generic PCs, sound, video, and I/O cards);
        • uses a standard operating system (windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8).

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